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Advantages of the VistaCam iX

The intraoral camera meets the highest requirements for fully digital transmission with its depth of field and image quality. The intelligent, interchangeable head mechanism provides various application options. Whether macro or intraoral images, VistaCam iX supports you in caries diagnosis, early detection and plaque visualisation. Caries and plaque filters in the imaging software DBSWIN show caries activity by means of a colour scale and numeric evaluation. The new Proxi interchangeable head allows for detection of proximal caries, without exposure to radiation. The Poly interchangeable head with the latest LED technology and soft-start function is well suited for light curing all common dental materials.

Interchangeable heads

• Cam interchangeable head for intraoral images
• Macro interchangeable head for magnifying images 120x
• Proof interchangeable head makes caries and plaque visible on occlusal and smooth surfaces
• Proxi interchangeable head helps diagnose approximal caries
• Polymerisation interchangeable head for light hardening



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Supplier website
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