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Intra-Oral Cameras

Why use an intra-oral camera? Primarily for patient education, it is often helpful to show patients exactly what you are doing, and what is going on inside their mouths. This can aid you in highlighting area’s that need particular medical attention. This leads to patients being less likely to refuse or delay procedures because they can clearly see the affected area’s and impact it is having.

Intra-oral cameras can also be used for keeping clear visual records for patient files. As well as showing cosmetic changes as procedures progress.

Satelec Cameras

The Satelec Acteon Sopro range of intra oral cameras offer a camera for all situations.
The SoproLife.

Over the last five years, we applied all of our technical expertise, in conjunction with scientific and clinical researchers, to develop a patented technology which is based on the principle of fluorescence. The result of this effort is a revolutionary new device SOPROLIFE. With SOPROLIFE, diagnose occlusal or interproximal caries… differentiate with outstanding accuracy healthy tissue from infected tissue, so as to excavate only the decayed area.

The SoproCare
Thanks to autofluorescence and chromatic amplification SOPROCARE reveals caries, as well as new and old dental plaque. In addition, SOPROCARE is the first product on the market to reveal gingival inflammation. In Daylight Mode, SOPROCARE can also be used as a camera, providing all of the necessary tools to perform a complete and time efficient oral examination. The dental professional can now achieve complete prophylactic treatment with one device.

The Sopro 717
In dentistry, numerous daily activities require magnification glasses or a microscope together with a mirror to observe the areas requiring treatment. The Sopro 717 First allows you to go beyond the limits of human vision while casting off bulky accessories. This is MacroVision. As a result, you can film a cavity preparation, make a surface state, acquire images of micro-fissures, cervical lesions while fully appreciating the exceptional image quality of the SOPRO 717 First.


Durr Cameras

Durr VistaCam intra oral camera range.

A VistaCam significantly increases patient communication in dental surgeries: Durr Dental IFC optics are suitable for all applications (intraoral, extraoral, and macro) and produce an excellent image quality that impresses patients even at a glance.

Advantages for communicating with patients. Images with a VistaCam have the great advantage of showing the situation both before and after treatment thus providing visible proof of success. Whilst the dentist or an assistant operates the VistaCam, the patient can comfortably follow the images on the monitor. This makes treatment understandable and transparent. The result is greater satisfaction on both sides.

The VistaCam line offers perfected enlargement functions and produces ideally exposed images – even of difficult-to-access places. The high-quality Durr Dental IFC optics enable a large depth of field reaching right to the root canal. This means that refocusing is not necessary.

The right system for each surgery

The VistaCam line has the best product for each set of requirements: The VistaCam Digital offers high-quality extra- and intraoral images and macro images. The wireless intraoral camera VistaCam CL.iX combines the high-quality IFC optics with the convenience of mobility.