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Digital Scanners

Once a photographic film has been exposed to X-ray radiation, it needs to be developed, traditionally using a process where the film is exposed to a series of chemicals in a dark room, as the films are sensitive to normal light. This can be a time-consuming process, and incorrect exposures or mistakes in the development process can necessitate retakes, exposing the patient to additional radiation. Digital x-rays, which replace the film with an electronic sensor, address some of these issues, and are becoming widely used in dentistry as the technology evolves. They may require less radiation and are processed much quicker than conventional radiographic films, often instantly viewable on a computer.

Durr Scanners

The Durr VistaScan range has something for everyone’s budgets and x-ray processing requirements. Ranging from the VistaScan Mini+ for in surgery or low volume small practices to the VistaScan Combi for practices with high volumes of x-ray processing as well as the ability to process OPG digital plates.

The latest range of scanners (VistaScan combi View and VistaScan Mini View) offer the ability to use scanners without the need for a dedicated computer sat next to the scanner. This will, of course, suit those who do not want to purchase a separate computer, but also when space is a concern.


Satelec PSpix Scanner

Smart design, ergonomics and compact with a consistent image quality, PSPIX, the new Digital Imaging Plate System is designed to make intra-oral imaging in the dental office easier and more efficient. Four sizes of Imaging plates, thin and flexible with an active area optimized to 100%.

With PSPIX, the readout process of 4.3 sec is completely automatic and a screen allows you to control the different steps of the process and to view your shot.