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Dental Lights

Dental operating lights provide you with the light where you need it most, without adequate lighting it will cause eye fatigue as well as the possibility of you missing important diagnoses within the oral cavity. Not all lights are made equal, even halogen dental lights have a vast range of options some good some not so good. LED dental lights are realtively new to the market but already some are proving better than others, but it is clear that LED dental lights will become more comon sight in dental surgeries due to their significant advantages over halogen.
Light is measured in 3 ways,

• Lux relating to the brightness, too bright and the variation between oral cavity and room lighting will cause you eyes to strain when looking up. Too dull and you will strugle to make accurate diagnostics of caries, plaque and cavities.
• CRI measuring the ability of light to reveal the colour of an object, getting this level right means you will be able to see the detail in gums and colour match teeth shades aquratley.
• Kelvin measuring the tempearture which relates to the colour of the light, the closer to natural day light means teeth and gums will appear as they do when the patient is in natural light

All 3 of these measuremunts must be at the right level to produce a good quality light.

A-dec Lights

A-dec have a two main operating lights, Halogen and LED. Both are available in a number of mounting options such as, chair mounted to a A-dec chair, wall mounted, ceiling mounted or track mounted giving you plenty of choice as to where you want the light to come from.

Belmont Dental Lights

Belmont have 2 main dental lights, Halogen or LED. With a nubmer of mounting options such as chair mounted, ceiling or wall mounted.